Thursday, October 25, 2007


The theme of the story is what ever you choose to do will have its own consequence

Plot Diagram

The Plot Diagram is full of neat twists and turns.

  1. Introduction - Amelia comes back from a trip with an artifact called the Monkey's Paw
  2. Rising Action - Amelia gives the Monkey's Paw to George White telling him that he only gets three wishes
  3. Rising Action - Herbert pressures George to use the Monkey's Paw to get more money
  4. Climax - Herbert dies by getting caught in the machinery, as resitution Herbert's company gives the White family two hundred pounds
  5. Falling Action - George is forced by Jenny to wish Herbert back to life, but he comes back as he died in the machinery
  6. George wishes his son in peace, so Herbert goes back to the grave

Target Audience

This story is mainly targeted to Middle School Students and all others above this age.


As you know this story is about a family and their friend. Their friend's name is Amelia Morris. The father of the family is named George White, the mother of the family is named Jenny White, and their son is named Herbert White.

Monkey's Paw

Recently we went to Memorial Auditorium, which is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, where we saw many short stories. One in particular, Monkey's Paw, was about a middle class family who recieved an artifact that possesed magical powers.